Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio

If you find yourself immersed in a business dispute, you need lawyers who will advance your rights and keep you safe. Whether we need to initiate litigation or protect you from it, Wuliger & Wuliger will put your best interests first – both at the negotiation table and at trial.

The attorneys at Wuliger & Wuliger are experienced commercial litigators, pursuing damages from businesses that have caused injury (we’ve won millions of dollars for our clients) and protecting businesses accused of wrongdoing.  Trials are marathons with potential pitfalls along the way. Wuliger & Wuliger’s stellar reputation in commercial litigation has been built through our tenacious work ethic, dedication to our clients and, most importantly, successful outcomes.

Commercial litigation services

  • Commercial Torts and Fraud: Unfortunately, people and businesses sometimes engage in illegal or unethical behavior that results in financial injury. We have helped countless clients injured by intentional misconduct, and we can help you, too. 
  • Disputes Among Business Owners: Partnerships and other business associations can fail even when the business is growing and making money. If you find yourself in a business dispute, it is imperative to have experienced legal representation to ensure that you get – or keep – what is owed to you.
  • Contract Disputes: Whether it is a handshake deal or a complex agreement, disputes arise when parties to a contract don’t live up to their legal obligations. If a party fails to deliver the goods promised or provide adequate services, we will provide the legal counsel necessary to remedy serious financial injury.
  • Employment Disputes: Businesses do not always live up to their legal and ethical obligations to their employees. That is where we come in. We will be your champion, fighting on your behalf.
  • Class Actions: Sometimes the claims of person injured by a business, though significant to that person, are not significant enough to justify the time and expense of legal action.  Class Action litigation allows a community of similarly-situated victims who otherwise would not have a voice to come together and go toe-to-toe against large and imposing companies.  If you think you have such a claim, we can help.
  • Shareholder Derivative Actions: When a company fails to comply with its own rules, sometimes the shareholders have no other means of recourse than to force compliance through litigation.

Our promise to our commercial litigation clients

When Wuliger & Wuliger agrees to take on your commercial litigation case, we go all in by putting our experience and dedication into your representation. We built our reputation by putting it all on the line for our clients.

If you are embroiled in a commercial dispute, call us or fill out the form below to schedule your consultation.