In memoriam to William T. Wuliger, 1944–2019

Founder, Leader, Father

Bill Wuliger, founder, Wuliger & Wuliger Law Firm, Cleveland

“My legal career began in the service of the poor, and it is my fervent hope that the young men and women who have saddled up to ride with us will leave having made the world a better place.” – William T. Wuliger

Bill spent his career taking cases and clients that no one else would. Despite the odds, he took extraordinarily complex cases to trial and won for his clients. He fashioned himself as David with his slingshot taking on the Goliaths of the world. He never feared and never wavered. He always put his clients first.

Early in his career, Bill worked at the Public Defender’s office, fighting to ensure that the underprivileged and underserved criminal defendants could get the same, high-quality legal representation as the wealthy. While his zeal and tenacity drew the ire of opposing prosecutors, Bill didn’t get into the profession to make friends – he believed that justice should be accessible to all, regardless of wealth and prestige.

When Bill transition to his civil practice, he held true to his charter by continuing to champion the underdog and challenge the establishment. Ever cognizant that individuals seeking legal help are often at their most vulnerable, he dedicated himself to protecting his clients’ interests above all else – and he despised those in his profession who failed to live up to that standard.


The Wuliger Legacy Continues

Over the course of Bill’s career, he mentored dozens of young lawyers. He took great pride in their accomplishments and was often heard to saying, “A piece of them is in me, and hopefully, a piece of me is in them.” His daughter, Amy, was once one of those young lawyers. In 2016, 47 years after Bill began serving the legal needs of the Cleveland community, and 19 years after Amy followed him into the legal profession, Bill and Amy formed Wuliger & Wuliger, a boutique litigation firm dedicated to helping clients who find themselves overwhelmed by circumstances.

Amy, Mark, Megan | Business attorneys | Wuliger & Wuliger Law Firm, Cleveland

 All of us at Wuliger & Wuliger started our careers with Bill. He instilled and ignited this same passion inside each one of us. We are proud to stand on the side of the underdog with our slingshots. That is the legacy he built and that is legacy we carry forward.

A law firm dedicated to your best interests


Too often lawyers lose sight of their client’s goals and aspirations. Lawyers can be like racehorses with blinders on, oblivious to concerns and issues that don’t directly impact their clients’ cases. At Wuliger & Wuliger, we realize that you need more than just a racehorse, you need true counselors at law who understand  you and your needs.

That is why we provide a holistic, full-service approach for all of our clients. We will be with you every step of the way – from the womb to the tomb. 

Amy, Mark, Megan | Business attorneys | Wuliger & Wuliger Law Firm, Cleveland

Our team of lawyers have been trained and nurtured by Bill Wuliger and his empathetic approach and desire to find justice for his clients. Our lawyers bring passion to all of their case and empathy to all of their clients.

Why you should hire a small, tenacious Cleveland legal team

Amy, Mark, Megan, Brenden | Business attorneys | Wuliger & Wuliger Law Firm, Cleveland
Trial lawyers

We try cases. While it’s always best to resolve disputes amicably, we appreciate and understand that isn’t always possible. Having an experienced trial lawyer is critical to maximizing the value of your case regardless of whether it is ultimately resolved via settlement or by a jury of your peers. Wuliger & Wuliger lawyers have collectively tried over three hundred cases in their careers. The young lawyers who join our team do so because they want to pursue careers as trial lawyers, and they gain valuable experience working alongside seasoned professionals. And if you’re looking for legal work outside of the courtroom, our well-rounded team of lawyers are equally well-versed in negotiating transactions, legal drafting and writing appeals.

Nationally experienced with a local focus

Our lawyers have represented clients in federal and state courts all over the country, but each of us is first and foremost an Ohioan, born and raised. We love the Cleveland community and are dedicated to achieving justice at the local level.

Quality over quantity

We aren’t a big firm, and we don’t take every case. But if we take yours, you can be sure we will dedicate all our resources to you. We are hard-working, performance-driven, zealous advocates who listen to our clients and fight for their interests.

Responsive to our clients

Neglect is the number one complaint against lawyers. At Wuliger & Wuliger, every client is important, and no client will be ignored. We will ensure that you stay informed regarding the progress of your case and will promptly return your phone calls and emails. If you have complaints or concerns, we will hear you out and will not rest until we’ve reached a satisfactory resolution.

Creative problem solvers

Our team is creative, energetic and passionate about the law and this country. Law is not static – it is ever evolving. As a result, it’s important to always look for new and innovative ways to address legal dilemmas. We strive to maintain a culture of openness and collaboration. We believe every problem has a solution and will work to find one for you.

Honest and ethical professionals

All lawyers must take an oath of office to be admitted to the bar. In Ohio, that oath includes a promise to support the Constitution and the laws of the United States and the state of Ohio, and to abide by the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct governing our profession. At Wuliger & Wuliger, we take our oath of admission seriously and live by it every day.

More than just co-workers

We’re a small firm and we stick together. Our lawyers have practiced together for years. Some of us even started out as law clerks for Bill Wuliger. We believe in mentoring young lawyers and rewarding their accomplishments, and we support each other in and out of the courtroom. As a result, we’ve built a family of loyal professionals who work as a team to tackle whatever complexities an individual case may require.