Business Law

Laying the foundation and framework for successful Ohio businesses

Starting a new business or expanding your current business can be intimidating. Hiring lawyers can be an additional stress that some owners just decide to skip, leading to bigger headaches down the road.  At Wuliger & Wuliger, our aim is to lessen your stress by tackling the legal issues so you can focus on more important things – like growing your business.

We assist individuals and partners starting businesses by answering questions, identifying legal concerns, helping to determine priorities, and offering options for moving forward. We will not only draft the necessary start-up documents and agreements; we will help to create a plan for the life of the business. We provide “guard rails” for running partnerships and businesses – legal guidelines that allow for creative and agile growth and maturation of the business within ethical boundaries.

Success comes with its own unique challenges

Unfortunately, growth and success often bring disgruntled employees, larger expenditures, difficult negotiations, and sophisticated contracts and transactions. What used to be done with a handshake requires due diligence and legal expertise.  Larger transactions come with higher levels of risk. When you have more, you have more to lose.

Wuliger & Wuliger provides a legal framework to help launch your business, foster your growth and protect you through maturation and succession planning. We pride ourselves on making the complicated uncomplicated – making it easy for you to understand the processes. We look at your needs and potential problems holistically and won’t baffle you with legalese. Whenever possible, we’ll explain things in a sentence rather than a paragraph.

Business law legal services

  • Business Formation: We help you select which type of business entity is best for your unique needs. Then we help to formulate the framework for your business, and how it will be managed. Our approach to business planning can be summed up by the adage, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.” Our business law services cover:
    – Partnership agreements
    – Shareholder Agreements:
    – Operating agreements
    – Close Corporation Agreements
    – Corporate Bylaws
    – Managing State Registration Requirements
  • Business Transactions: We assist in the process of bringing complex commercial transactions to fruition by reviewing or creating the legal documents necessary to protect your company and personal assets from potential legal disasters. Our business transaction services cover:
    – Asset Purchases/Sales
    – Buy/Sell Agreements
    – Confidentiality Agreements
    – Contractor Agreements
    – Employment Agreements
    – Non-Compete Agreements
    – Real Estate Transactions
  • Corporate Compliance: We can help you make sure your day-to-day business operations stay within legal guidelines. We can cover everything from employee hiring & termination and workers compensation challenges, to property zoning and regulations. We help to prevent small problems from becoming major legal disasters down the road.
  • Counseling & advice: Running a business is no easy task. You need trusted advisors to raise issues and alternative options that you may not have considered. We will help ensure the best possible outcome for you and your business.
  • Succession Planning: We work with families and closely held businesses to properly and strategically preserve assets and allow for partners to leave a business amicably and avoid potential legal disputes

Our promise to our business clients

We partner with our business clients to find ways to achieve their unique goals and dreams. We offer advice on how to pursue those goals in the most effective way, avoiding potential legal problems.

Wuliger & Wuliger provides continuing legal counsel and advice from the initial planning stage through execution of daily operations.

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